Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes The case of Type 2 diabetes is a little different. While the pancreas produces insulin, it is either insufficient or the person develops resistance to insulin. The pathological process is basically the same; however, these patient require oral medication to transport the glucose from the blood stream to the cells for energy. Most patients are prescribed Metformin as starter medication which normally work very well. The major difference between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes is that Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled with lifestyle changes such as weight loss and low carbohydrate diet. Persons with increase fat cells shows more insulin resistance and weight loss often improve glucose control. Also, reduction in carbohydrate intake also produce better glucose control. Healthy dietary practices and activity can produce good results for patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes can go into remission and some patients are taken off oral hypoglycemic agents. However, this require astute lifestyle adjustment, discipline and consistency. This is how health consulting/coaching becomes vital. Even when these patients are treated with medications, these same lifestyle changes are vital in achieving the best result. Connect with your Diabeteshealth coach to get the best results in managing your diabetes. . – See more at: http://cloudpreviewserver.com/cheryl/hello-world/#sthash.HGW6KEkc.dpuf


Every diabetic patient is monitored closely for elevated cholesterol. This is also genetic as well as contributed by lifestyle practices. Lack of activities an increase fat in diet increases the risk of high cholesterol. Speak to your doctor about prescribing the basic required medications in controlling your cholesterol if you are diabetic. Every person who is diabetic should be on cholesterol lowering medication and a blood thinning drug such as baby aspirin. Keeping Bad cholesterol levels at the required level reduces the risk of stroke. The leading cause of death in diabetic patients is stroke. This is due to increase blood viscosity from hyperglycemia and high cholesterol levels. Your health coach can work closely with you in preventing a stroke. Eat for health and not for taste. Protecting your kidneys As diabetes progresses, the kidney starts to spill protein. This is not a good sign and it is reflecting renal impairment in the kidneys of a diabetic patient. Why your doctor should check for protein in your Urine. All diabetic patients are at risk for diabetic nephropathy. This is damage to the nephrons in the kidneys as a result of diabetes. There is a special medication that is recommended to protect the kidneys and patients should have routine laboratory to monitor their kidney function. Evidenced-based practice proved that Angiotensin Converting Inhibitor or Angiotensin receptor Blockers play a vital role in kidney protection of diabetics. – See more at: http://cloudpreviewserver.com/cheryl/hyperlipidemia/#sthash.ZwcAVkFh.dpuf


The last disease of the triad is high blood pressure. Like diabetes and cholesterol, hypertension is also hereditary and can occurs as a result of sedentary lifestyle and dietary practices.Advance in age also increases the risk of high blood pressure, therefore keen control in this condition reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. When hypertension is accompanied with diabetes and hyperlipidemia the risk of stroke is even higher. It is quite common to see patients with all three medical conditions. The good news is the medication used to protect the kidney is the drug of choice for treating hypertension in diabetic patients. With all these conditions, a 15 minute visit with your doctor every 4-6 months might not be enough time to address all your concerns. Taking the time and effort to connect with your health coach can make a big difference in your health. – See more at: http://cloudpreviewserver.com/cheryl/hypertension/#sthash.bySQXogZ.dpuf