The last disease of the triad is high blood pressure. Like diabetes and cholesterol, hypertension is also hereditary and can occurs as a result of sedentary lifestyle and dietary practices.Advance in age also increases the risk of high blood pressure, therefore keen control in this condition reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. When hypertension is accompanied with diabetes and hyperlipidemia the risk of stroke is even higher. It is quite common to see patients with all three medical conditions. The good news is the medication used to protect the kidney is the drug of choice for treating hypertension in diabetic patients. With all these conditions, a 15 minute visit with your doctor every 4-6 months might not be enough time to address all your concerns. Taking the time and effort to connect with your health coach can make a big difference in your health. – See more at: http://cloudpreviewserver.com/cheryl/hypertension/#sthash.bySQXogZ.dpuf

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